So atas! See what soldiers in the S'pore army get to eat outfield

The thunderstorm has just ended. You are halfway into your mission deep in the jungle. The weight of the rifle and field pack is not only pulling your body down but your spirit as well. All you want now is to eat a nice meal of Laksa Pasta and pumpkin dessert.

Thankfully, you can. has given us a glimpse of how food for our soldiers is prepared. Some of the items on the menu look so 'atas' that they look more like something you find in a restaurant rather than in a ration back.

Said on Facebook:

"Back in the old days, the food brought by our troops for outfield training would only rid them of their hunger pangs. Dry hardtack biscuits were their only source of carbohydrates, along with a limited variety of heavy canned food — braised chicken, baked beans, sardines — which added significant weight to their load.

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"Now, field rations come in an array of flavourful dishes tailored to match the taste buds and nutritional needs of soldiers in the field. The lightweight retort pouches which can be stored for 18 months or longer at room temperature enable other carbohydrates like rice and pasta to be included in the menu. 

“'While the combat rations of the past helped us survive outfield training, it was heavy and limited in variety,' said SLTC Melvin Ang, 46, Head Supply Resource Branch, Headquarters Supply. 

"Together with his colleagues from DSTA Defence Science and Technology Agency, SLTC Ang saw 'a need to develop healthier and more nutritious field rations to keep our soldiers combat fit'. 

See photos of what our soldiers get to eat in the gallery. 

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