Single father of 2 lends woman he dated $5,000 -- only to be blocked by her online soon after

Stomper Red's friend, who is a single father of two, had been dating a girl he met on Facebook for two months when he lent her $5,000.

The man had apparently listened to her 'sob story' and took out the loan for her without hesitation.

However, she allegedly blocked the man on Facebook and WhatsApp after having taken the money.

Stomper Red, who said he had made a police report about the incident, said:

"My friend dated this girl on Facebook, whose nickname is 'Plain Jane'. They have been dating for two months.

"After two months of dating, this girl started to tell her sad story and asked my friend to take a bank loan of $5,000. My friend was touched by her sad story and took the loan without hesitation.

"After she took that $5,000, she blocked my friend from WhatsApp and Facebook.

"After I made a police report and made her photo go viral on Facebook, her brother used her daughter's Facebook account and said that his sister had attempted suicide.

"He said, 'She's under police custody now as they haven't decided if it's a suicide or accident. The reason why no one can know where she is is solely because I'm undecided if she needs help or she's just seeking attention.

"He added, 'However, I want no further trouble or questioning directed towards us. The lesser people, the better. I do not want to escalate things."

"After that, he sent a picture of her sister in the hospital, but it looks like it was taken from Google.

"My friend is a single father of two. I pity him so much because he is being fooled."

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