Singaporeans reply to ST's Christmas jingle caption with hilariously savage parodies

Evidently, Singaporeans are very good at throwing shade at SMRT in the form of Christmas carol parodies.

In a Facebook post, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced their latest Christmas themed train. Running along the North East Line (NEL), the train is decked out in ice-blue and silver colours, as well as festive snowflakes decorating the windows and the floor.

Upon writing an article on this, The Straits Times shared it on their Facebook, with the caption:

In the train,
Snow is glittering
A beautiful sight,
On NEL tonight,
Riding in a winter wonderland.

Obviously, with Singaporeans being the complain kings and queens we are, the comment section is filled with dozens of parody christmas carols, all lamenting the MRT's frequent breakdowns.

Check out the gallery for some of our favourite ones!