Singaporean diagnosed with schizophrenia recovers by playing Pokemon GO

For most of us, Pokemon Go is a game we play to relieve stress and catch up with our friends.

But for Singaporean ;Facebook user Keshvin G-Waren, it helped him recover from schizophrenia and changed his life.

According to Vulcan Post, Keshvin shared in the Pokemon GO Singapore Facebook group about his experiences with the game and how it has helped him.

Not only go from 113kg to 106kg, he was also able to stop taking his anxiety medication as well as had his dosage of antipsychotics halved.

Keshvin also shared the multiple lessons that he learnt from his own experiences, such as: "Never underestimate the value of your life. You may feel small but trust me you are capable of great things. You won’t know it until you push yourself."

He added: "I would like to thank @nianticlabs and #nintendo for changing my life for the better. #PokemonGoSocial for being a passionate group of hunters. #PokemonGoSingapore for the community. #Instituteofmentalhealth for the initial care and treatment given.

"My navigator and riding partner Fai Zal for being there with me, pushing me for every hunt. Most of all my family, for being there when I had given up and never giving up on me.

"Please share this story, I owe part of my recovery to this game."

Keshvan's post has been met with positivity, with many netizens thanking him for sharing his story and being an inspiration.

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