Singapore is "aggressively accomodating", says American comedian Fluffy

Seriously, he was so #Fluffy we could die. We met the man whose search results come on top of pancakes, omelettes and cats on Google. 

American stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias, or affectionately known as Fluffy, brought his eccentrics on his #Fluffy Breaks Even world tour to our sunny island Singapore on Monday night (June 6).

We were graciously invited to an intimate meet-and-greet session with the man. Fluffy enveloped fans in bear hugs while sheepishly saying it was "lucky he remembered to shower".

This is not Iglesias' first time in Singapore -- his previous show was in 2012 -- and he brings back some jaw-aching laughter with tour mates and fellow comedians Martin Moreno, Rick Gutierrez, G Reilly and Alfred Robles.  

'Did You Know?' slides before the show tell the audience that the Californian actually personally replies on his own social media accounts and does not follow a script! 

We were treated to an opening act by Martin Moreno, who narrated his experience at our infamous Orchard Towers and its 'four floors of whores'; The kind probably inappropriate for us to repeat in this article. 

The audience practically laughed till they coughed at this one -- because Martin announced that he was too drunk to notice the 'girls'' low vocal chords (if you know what I mean).

It was a situation Iglesias had 'escaped', and a story he also made jokes out of after he took the stage following Alfred Robles.

Fluffy did not disappoint as he took the stage with an electrifying presence. 

So how was his impression of Singapore?

"Aggressively accommodating" was his choice of words.  

"I am capable of carrying my own luggage," Fluffy started, "and it helps me balance in case I fall." But the bellboy had apparently refused to take "no" for an answer. 

In an 'aggressively' friendly manner, he insisted on helping Fluffy carry his luggage, while cooing about how much of a fan he was.

The California-born comedian also raved about the hotel he stayed at, saying that you know it's good when the lift announces which floor you are on.

He said the elevator sounded "hot", while doing an eye-popping imitation of the womanly voice. I was surprised to hear how convincing he was, and was almost certain that he was using a pre-recorded sound effect (he was not!). 

With his 'valleygirl' accents and impressive sound effects, Fluffy brought all his personal experiences to life. He could have talked about what he ate for lunch and it would make me giggle.

The flow of the show was somewhat interrupted by overzealous fans, who kept shouting random food at him.

"Chocolate cake!" one local guy in the front row yelled.

Fluffy had loved it, and had said it one time on TV in 1997 -- so fans brought him cake after cake. 

"I've received 4,000 chocolate cakes from fans, I don't like it anymore." Fluffy moaned. 

The guy then shouts,"Muffins!" It earned him the nickname "Muffins", which the American used throughout the show.

The show went on and towards the end, another overly-excited fan decides to interject with, "doughnuts!" 

This time, it was a guy from Fluffy's hometown California. 

"What ethnicity are you? Are you Mexican? Can you speak Spanish?" Fluffy asked. 

"Latino" and "Ole" were the guy's answers. 

"So are you Dominican, El Salvadorian...?" the comedian prompted. The interrupter replied, "Mexican".

Cue huge eye-roll from the audience and Fluffy. "I just asked if you were Mexican! Damn Mexicans," the fellow-Mexican joked.

"You know I'm going to talk about you next show," Iglesias directed at the man. New material for the fluffy guy. 

Thankfully, they did not kill too much of his vibe as he shared in a Facebook post saying the Singapore show was "crazy fun":

Fluffy is known for his wholesome and family-friendly humour, which sets him apart from many comedians. This time, though, he even threw in a 'this will never be shown on TV' joke for us. The audience lapped it up all the same. 

Gabriel’s unique and animated comedy style has made him popular among fans of all. Overall, it was a night I laughed so hard I could not breathe -- and Fluffy knows what he did. 

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