Singapore guy goes around the world to catch all 145 Pokemon without cheating -- and uploads plane tickets as proof

Is this the first Singaporean guy who has completed his Pokedex with 145 Pokemon?

Chapman Sim shared his epic Pokemon journey in a Facebook album with screenshots of his catches and snapshots of his plane tickets and travels.

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According to Chapman, he completed his quest to catch 'em all in one month -- completely without cheating or spoofing.

He wrote:

"I've been a professional gamer for over a decade and as one of the first few players in the world to complete Pokemon Go (and probably first in Singapore and first in Asia as well).

"I'm incredibly proud, especially when I did it in just around 1 month and without cheating such as GPS spoofing or getting someone to log in for me!

"My account is clean and that is another source of pride!"

He managed to catch region-exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan, FarFetch'd, Tauros and Mr. Mime by flying to various countries like Australia and USA.

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He camped at various sites for the exclusive Pokemon. In a Facebook comment, he revealed that he has some days where he spent 12 full hours hunting for Pokemon. 

True Pokemon master indeed! Check out the gallery to follow him on his Pokemon journey.