Car crushed in Tuas tunnel crash: Shocking video shows trailer abruptly changing lanes

A driver who was injured in a horrific crash near an underpass in Tuas has shared dash-cam footage from his car that shows how the crash occurred.

The driver, Eddie Wong, shared the clip on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Roads.

On April 19, at about 3pm, his car was completely crushed by a trailer.

Stompers Anthony, Faizal, Henry, Wong and Ivan contributed photos showing the collision scene and damage.

In the images, the left half of the car can be seen wedged under the trailer truck, while its right half was mounted against a ledge by the tunnel's wall.

Thankfully, Eddie escaped with minor injuries, even though his car was completely crushed between the trailer and the underpass wall.

The clip he shared shows the trailer suddenly swerving across across three lanes, leaving him with no time to avoid the crash.

It also appears that the trailer driver may have swerved to avoid colliding with the vehicles in front, that had come to a stop due to heavy traffic.

The middle lane of the three-lane road is also closed off with cones.

Said Eddie in his post:

"Dear all, this video footage is from my car cam.

"I'm very lucky to survived this crash.

"Drive safe everyone."