Shenzhen woman named 'world's most beautiful flight attendant'

A flight attendant in Shenzhen, China recently won the title of 'World's Most Beautiful Air Stewardess' in a competition.

According to Shanghaiist, the prestigious contest was hosted by the World Air Stewardess Association (WASA) earlier this year.

The beauty, Liu Maomao, is from Xi'an and joined Shenzhen Airlines in 2010 after passing multiple stringent tests.

A three-month training and orientation period required that she balance bowls on her head to develop a perfect posture and bite down on chopsticks for the perfect smile.

With passion and talent, she quickly rose to the position of chief attendant in 2014.

Liu is said to be so exceptional that she once calmed passengers down with just her smile during a flight delay and that some of them even apologised to her for their bad behaviour.

The gorgeous stewardess said that she is proud of her job and hopes to inspire others with her professionalism.