'She could have been dead by now': Woman shares how colleague found metal nail in fishball in FB post

Submitted by Stomper Elaine

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A woman wrote about how her colleague had allegedly found a metal nail in a fishball from a yong tau foo stall at Queen Street on Nov 8.

Facebook user Germaine Yam had shared her friend's experience and asked for netizens to advise on what she should do.

According to Yam, both the stall owner and a representative from the supplier were informed about the issue but she has yet to hear from them at that the time of her posting.

Her posting -- Stomper Elaine alerted us to -- was also accompanied by photos that show a nail lodged in a half-cut fishball that was apparently part of the meal.

Yam added, "Just imagine what will happen if she put the fishball into the mouth without realising the 1-inch nail, she could be by dead by now!

"Can someone pls advise what should we do? Make a police report? Or file a complaint directly to MOH or NEA?"