Second time in a day: Train service disrupted on East West Line due to train fault

Submitted by Stomper Din, Chee Kiang, Shirleen, Benson

Train service between Queenstown and Outram Park towards Pasir Ris on the East West line was disrupted due to a train fault at Tiong Bharu today (Nov 2).

SMRT posted a tweet at 5.48pm today and stated that services would resume normally at 6.10pm.

However, at 6.15pm, train service has still not resumed.

This comes after a signal fault on the Circle Line this morning that caused commuters to be stuck on the train for more than an hour.

Stomper Din, Chee Kiang, Shirleen and Benson was affected by the latest MRT delay and sent in photos.

SMRT also tweeted that free regular bus services are available between Queenstown and Outram Park.