Scam tactics getting more 'real' as woman receives call from '999'

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Scam tactics seem to be getting more 'real' lately. Stomper Jac shared about a call she received today (Aug 5) form '999'.

The Stomper recounted:

"I received this call from 999 about 20 mins ago and i think it was a scam call.

"As I picked up the call, I heard a automated voice, which is Chinese and claimed that this call is from Singapore Police Force and is urgent.

"Press "number - I couldn't remember which number" to speak to police officer. I immediately cut off the call."

"Please help to remind public that the scam tactic is getting real. Can see from the attached picture, the number shown on my phone is 999, no longer those weird numbers."

Last month, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) posted an advisory on its Facebook page to the public to beware of phone numbers with '999X XXXX'.

This time, it seems like the scammers have managed to omit the random numbers at the back and display only '999'. 

SPF updated in another Facebook post yesterday (Aug 4), stating they are aware of the updated scam:

The post describes that a "Mandarin-speaking operator, claiming to be from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), would then ask for their personal information. Otherwise, they were told to proceed to the police station with their identification card or Police officers would be dispatched to their residence."

Police warns the public to ignore such calls and not to give out "your name, identification number, passport details, contact details, bank account or credit card details". 

Do not call back as you will be directed to the Police emergency hotline '999', which should only be used for emergencies.

Help spread the word and share this advisory with your family and friends!

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