Savage colleagues go full 'ah long' on netizen's iMac -- all for a $2.50 Iced Milo

Instead of asking nicely like what most people would do, a netizen's colleagues decided to utilise other methods to get him to pay up for a $2.50 Iced Milo from McDonald's.

According to a Twitter post, the poor netizen had the screen of his beautiful iMac pasted on with rows of Post-Its asking for payment, pretty much like how 'ah longs' would splash paint over the door of a debtor.

Different messages were left on the Post-Its.

Some had the classic O$P$. Another had a pig's nose drawn on it. There was even one that read 'pay or suffer'.

Well, we hope the netizen managed to save up to pay off his debts in the end. 

He might need some money for wet tissues too to clean the marks left by the Post-Its.