Same same but different: Stalls at Old Airport Road Food Centre may look identical... until you look closely

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Stomper Laureen brought her sister to Old Airport Road Food Centre to try the famous Yi Ji Hokkien Mee on Sunday (Jul 10) when she had an unusual encounter.

After they reached the hawker centre, Laureen had to take an urgent call and told her sister to order the noodles first.

However, when the Stomper got back to the table, she was shocked to see that it looked so different from what she used to order from Yi Ji Hokkien Mee in the past. 

She recounted what happened thereafter in an email to Stomp:

"Upon checking, I realised what had happened.

"The stall my sister bought the noodles from had a signboard with the words '意记'. The stall that sold the Hokkien Mee I wanted her to try was a different one called '義记'. It was located two units away.

"In English, the names of both stalls are read as 'Yi Ji'.

"The signboards of the two different stalls also looked similar to each other and my sister ended up getting confused.

"In the end we bought another plate of Hokkien Mee from the stall which sold the noodles I wanted her to try."