SAF personnel show off their suave side at Changing of Guards Ceremony outside Istana

Stomper Leon witnessed the Changing of Guards Ceremony outside the Istana yesterday (Sep 4) at around 5.45pm.

In a video sent by the Stomper, SAF personnel clad in their Number 1 uniforms can be seen marching smartly along Orchard Road.

According to The Istana's website, the main role of the Istana Ceremonial Guards is sentry duty at the Istana Main Entrance along Orchard Road and at the entrance of the Istana Building.

A platoon of 20 guards from Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command will perform duties in the Istana for one month before another unit takes over. The take-over by a new unit is signified by the Changing of Guards Ceremony.

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The in-coming Guards march from Koek Road (beside OG Orchard Point) to meet the out-going Guards at the main entrance of the Istana.

The Changing of the Guards Ceremony is then carried out at the entrance of the Istana with military bands in attendance. Included in the ceremony is a Rifle Precision Drill Performance.

Here are the dates where you can witness the Changing of Guards Ceremony this year:

Sunday, 2 October 2016 
Sunday, 6 November 2016
Sunday, 4 December 2016

*Note: Dates may be subject to changes.

The guards start marching from the starting point at approximately 15 minutes to 6pm.

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