Rude passenger yells at cabby for not picking him up at main road even though he stated "front of block" -- and that's not the worst part

A passenger was heard shouting at a cabby for not picking him up promptly and even proceeded to backseat drive, not allowing other cars to cut in front of him.

This Facebook video on All Singapore Stuff was shared by someone who seemed to be the cabby's daughter.

According to the timestamp, this incident occurred on Mar 13 at about 6.20pm.

The passenger was first heard shouting upon pickup:

"What the hell are you trying to do huh? I from there chase you all the way here, I from there wave wave wave you never see me?"

According to the video, this was because he had walked to the main road despite indicating "front of block", where the cabby was waiting.

He then demanded him to get him to Telok Ayer MRT by 6.30pm sharp -- despite being in the East at 6.18pm.

He also proceeded to make a few other demands: He did not allow the cabby to turn on the meter till they got to the junction, wanted to turn the air-con up, and even told him he could not let others "cut [his] road".

The cabby ended up giving him a $5 discount at the end of the trip.

Watch the video below to see what happened.