Anyhow ask people to pay $1 surcharge, still can say 'Happy New Year'?

Submitted by Stomper Celine, Eugene

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Patrons at Century Square's Food Junction were left outraged after having to pay surcharges for their food and drinks -- on top of what the items originally cost.

Stomper Celine and Eugene sent in separate accounts of how much their meals there today (Jan 29) amounted to.

Photos they sent in also show signs put up at the food court, stating that there would be an additional $1 surcharge for every food item ordered and an extra $0.50 surcharge for every beverage ordered "due to the festive season".

Celine, who paid $23.70 for eight pieces of roti prata, told Stomp:

"It didn't occur to me that when the official notice displayed at the cashier said '$1 surcharge per item', it really meant $1 more for every prata.

"My order was six egg pratas and two plain pratas.

"What I paid for was for eight pieces of pratas, a surcharge of $8 ($1 x 8) and 30 cents for it being a takeaway.

"Might as well go for fast food, where even delivery costs $4 only.

"What a rip-off!"

Eugene, on the other hand, chalked up a $19.60 bill at the same prata stall, but paid $17.64 after a 10% discount.

He also patronised another stall where he bought a breakfast set that consisted of bee hoon and coffee for $4.90.

However, despite it being a set, the items were broken up and had separate surcharges imposed on them: $1 for the bee hoon and $0.50 for the coffee.

After adding in this additional $1.50 surcharge, his meal amounted to $6.40.

Stompers. do you think this surcharge is reasonable due to it being Chinese New Year or simply redundant? Is the amount imposed way too much?