Rider and pillion spotted riding without helmets at Middle Road

A Stomper was around the Middle Road area on Friday (Nov 4) at around 1am, when he spotted a motorcyclist and pillion riding without their helmets on.

Said the Stomper:

"I first thought they were riding an e-bike, but later realised it was a motorcycle when they got closer.

"I feel worried for their safety as they were riding a bike without their helmets on a busy road."

Though the motorcylist was not speeding (as seen from the video), riding without a helmet is still dangerous especially when on a busy main road.

Riders who fail to wear or wear insecurely a protective helmet in Singapore face a penalty of $120 and will be issued three demerit points.

Thankfully no accident took place, but to all riders and pillions -- please remember to wear your helmets at all times.