Resident rants about neighbour blocking lift and corridor with e-bike -- but gets thrashed by netizens instead

A resident has been blasted by netizens after posting a video showing a neighbour pushing his e-bike out of a lift and on the corridor of a HDB block.

In the video posted on Everyday SG, the e-bike owner can be first seen holding his personal mobility device inside the lift.

After the lift doors opened, he rode his e-bike on the corridor to his unit. The resident was walking behind and filming him.

He then parked his vehicle on the corridor while opening the door of his house, blocking the resident who recorded the video for a brief period of time.

At the end of the video, the e-bike owner pushed his vehicle to the side of the corridor to allow the resident to pass.

Mandy, the person who contributed the video, said that the resident, her friend, is pissed-off with the e-bike owner for blocking the corridor and the lift.

She hopes the video will raise awareness of the e-bike owner, whom she described as an 'irresponsible person'.

Unfortunately for her, netizens have taken the side of the e-bike owner. Many of them left comments on the video saying that the resident was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Said Facebook user Jul Junior:

"It's about the same length as a bicycle, what's his problem. The owner is trying to bring that thing inside anyway. Why can't he wait a bit."

Quipped a Garen Koh:

"Don't see any problem with that. He was going to bring it into his home. You are the kid that loves to whine at such a small issue. Ain't you the one who is impatient and inconsiderate?

Netizen Gabriel Sim commented:

"It's equivalent to a wheelchair or downhill bicycle. It's nothing wrong."