'Random passersby' stage 'Orchard Road invasion' and spring surprise on unsuspecting onlookers

They came, they waited, and when the time was right, they broke out into song and dance.

If you were near the fountain outside Ngee Ann City yesterday (Oct 15) at around 4.15pm, you would have probably noticed that there was some commotion going on in the area.

Without prior introduction, youths who were initially thought to be random dudes and dudettes along a crowded Orchard Road started dancing to the tune of Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop the Feeling'.

Embodying the lyrics of the song, the group comprising of 23 energetic individuals merrily danced their heart out, leaving passersby both perplexed and entertained at the same time.

A couple of folks were so intrigued that they decided to join in the performance even though they had huge luggage with them.

So who exactly were those youths and what were they doing?

It turns out the group were representatives of The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP).

Participants of this year's Singapore contingent (43rd batch) came together to organise a flash mob in the heart of Singapore's most popular shopping district that aims to raise awareness about SSEAYP and its activities.

To ensure that they reached out to as many people as possible, the dance routine was carried out twice in a 30-minute period.

Kudos to the participants for being so creative and outgoing!

See their sassy performances in the videos below. 


SSEAYP is an annual programme sponsored by the Japanese Government and supported by the member-countries of ASEAN. The programme brings together more than 300 youth from ASEAN countries and Japan, providing them with the unique opportunity to live together on board the ship Nippon Maru for over 40 days.

The aim of SSEAYP is to foster friendship and greater understanding among youths from Japan and ASEAN. It also seeks to broaden their international outlook.

Find out more about the programme here and check out SSEAYP's Facebook page here.