Public vandalism by internet personalities Youtiao666? Relax, it's a marketing campaign

Submitted by Stomper Gary

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Stomper Gary spotted internet personalities, Youtiao666 at Bugis MRT Station yesterday (Mar 6) at 11am, apparently vandalising a wall advertisement with markers. 

He took a video of the incident and sent it to Stomp.

In the video, the girls were seen to be defacing an advertisement for a company called ‘SGMobile’, and posted videos of their daring exploit, even tagging the Singapore Police Force (SPF). 

According to Gary, the two girls posted a photo of themselves with their finished production on Instagram, accompanied with the caption in bold:

“Something big is coming your way, yeah a big ass scam?

“WTF stop this nonsense data plan, I’m tired and poor.

“Y’all can check out our artwork at Bugis MRT. LOL.

“Send us pictures of you guys with our mural. #LIMPEHMRT”

The two girls also circled a section of the advertisement that showed ‘3GB for $40’ and wrote beside it, “Are you crazy?”

Some of their followers, concerned for the pair’s safety, have questioned whether their actions were legal, while others theorised that it was just a promotional act.

Stomp contacted Youtiao666 today (Mar 7) and a representative for the internet personalities confirmed that the incident was part of a public service campaign, with Circles.Life. 

Circles.Life, Singapore’s fourth postpaid operator confirmed that the 'SGMobile' ads on XCO Media+ assets were part of their branding campaign to "highlight the frustration of data-savvy Singaporeans with the limited amount of data available in mobile offerings today".

The one-day activation led to Circle’s Life announcement of New Plus option, 20GB for S$20.

Watch the video below.