Hot topic of the week: Arrested: 'Psycho' Suzuki driver who came in like a wrecking ball into rear of car

In response to a Stomp query, the police said that they have arrested the driver of Suzuki Swift SGT9106G who rammed his car into the rear of another on an expressway on Mar 22 at 7.15am.

On Mar 25, Stomp published a story about what happened after a video of the incident was published on

In the video, the Suzuki driver can be seen tailgating dangerously close behind the car belonging to the driver who recorded the video.

The errant driver could not seem to stay within one lane, and constantly drifted between two lanes.

Towards the end of the video, the Suzuki driver sped up and rammed his car into the rear of the vehicle he was tailgating.

The former's bonnet was smashed, but he continued driving his car on the expressway thereafter. 

Reactions from about the incident have been mixed.

Some netizens said the car driver who was hit by the Suzuki should not be on the overtaking lane if he is not planning to do so.

However, others pointed out that the driver whose car was hit was travelling at a reasonable speed, and that the video time showed that is was during peak hours.

Police investigations are ongoing.