Pokemon Go: 7 key locations players should visit in S'pore

Shea Driscoll
The Straits Times
Aug 6, 2016

Fans of Pokemon Go have fanned out across Singapore in search of the critters and to conquer "gyms" - real-life locations where players can hold and defend against other players - after Saturday's (Aug 6) launch.

The Republic's small size and urban environment mean that gyms and Pokestops - locations where players can get virtual items - are never far away. Here are some that you should be aware of.


Seriously, there's no need to go on a far-flung excursion in search of Pokestops and gyms. Chances are that there are a decent number on the streets that you are familiar with, tagged to statues, signs and landmarks that you walk by every day.

A glance at Pasir Ris shows playgrounds, park connectors, community buildings, murals and even floor designs being used as gyms. So why not take a walk and see your neighbourhood in a new light?

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