Peugeot 'hitches ride' on lorry's back at Kaki Bukit Ave 3: Car was unsteady with two wheels dangling outside

Passer-by were shocked when they saw a lorry transporting a Peugeot car on its back at Kaki Bukit Avenue 3 on Sunday (Mar 12).

Some members of the public snapped photos of the lorry and uploaded them onto the Facebook page of the Singapore Police Force to voice their concerns on the legality of the matter. 

According to a netizen, the car was rocking unsteadily and the licence plate looked like it was going to fall off at anytime, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

Two of the the Peugeot’s wheels were left dangling due to the constraints of space at the back of the lorry. 

 Chairman of the Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC), Bernard Tay commented on the incident, citing that the behaviour was very dangerous and could have caused an accident.

He also considered the lorry unsuitable for transporting other vehicles:

“The car on its back looks bigger than the lorry itself.

“The lorry may suffer from many blind spots.

“Also, the wheels of the lorry may give way and if it loses the centre of gravity, the car may fall off anytime.”

An owner of a towing company told reporters that there are two proper procedure of towing, one requires a large lorry that transports the affected vehicle, while the other uses the common tow truck which is connected to the vehicle and moves off with it:

“Using a small lorry like that is against the regulations.

“The weight of the car was certainly over the limits, and if an accident occurred, the consequences could be severe.”