Pet grooming school owner who abandoned 18 dogs jailed and fined $65,700

43-year-old Singaporean, Low Chong Kiat, was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment and fined $65,700 for 49 counts related to failure of duty of care and non- compliance with dog licensing & control.

According to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), he was charged for abandoning 18 dogs on Jul 20.

In March 2016, AVA was alerted to a case of 18 abandoned dogs at various places in Singapore. Immediately, they commenced investigations and the identity of the suspect was established quickly with the assistance of Animal Welfare Groups (AWG).

Investigations revealed that Low had 30 dogs in his pet farm and upon closure in 2015, he transferred them to his grooming school.

As it was illegal to keep 30 dogs in his grooming school overnight, he subsequently decided to rehome 12 of the dogs and abandon the remaining 18.

The abandoned dogs were found by the AWG and 2 of which were assessed to have serious medical conditions. AVA also found that 28 of his 30 dogs were unlicensed.

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The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) condemns acts of animal cruelty, including pet abandonment. We investigate all feedback on cruelty and will take enforcement action, where necessary.

Individuals who commit the offence in the course of carrying an animal-related business are liable to a maximum fine of $40,000 and/or 2 year jail term for first convictions.

For non-compliance with dog licensing & control rules, individuals are liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 upon conviction.

Safeguarding animal welfare is a shared social responsibility which requires the cooperation of all stakeholders, including the public.

While AVA continues to ensure that the necessary enforcement action is taken and raise awareness on animal welfare, members of the public can play their part by being vigilant.

Members of the public should promptly report cases of animal cruelty to AVA via our 24-hour hotline, 1800-476-1600 or via our website ( All information shared with AVA will be held in the strictest confidence.