People mock me for being too 'kiasi' to use 'unsafe' fitness corner at Kim Keat Link -- but now I'm proven right

Submitted by Stomper Low

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Stomper Low has always been wary about using the newly-built fitness corner near her house at Block 241, Kim Keat Link.

She feels that it is unsafe as the place is too near the main road and hence accident-prone.

Friends mock her for being 'kiasi' (meaning 'scared to die' in Hokkien), but what she has always feared finally happened: A car apparently skidded into the pedestrian walkway leading to the fitness corner.

Said the Stomper:

"A fitness corner was recently built under my block at 241 Kim Keat Link.

"People always ask me why I am not making use of the facilities.

"I have always replied that I don't feel safe as it's too near the main road. They would normally laugh at me and say I'm kiasi.

"But now look at the pictures I took. Accidents like these do happen!"