Owner allegedly puts down dog after it bites her face and leaves her bloodied

Submitted by Stomper Pet Lover

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Stomper Pet Lover alerted Stomp to a post on Facebook showing a dog that was reportedly about to be put down. 

According to a the post, the white canine named Jim was to be euthanised for biting its owner in the face.

The caption accompanying a photo of the dog reads:

"So sorry to inform you all I had to pts (put to sleep) Jim.

"He attacked me very badly on my face near my eye.

"On the way to hospital.

In the photo, bloodstains possibly from the dog owner's face after the bite, can be seen clearly on the floor.

The Stomper feels that the dog should have been given more obedience training instead of getting put down.

We did some research online and found some useful information on why dogs bite and what you can do about it from well-known dog trainer Cesar Millan's website. 

According to the website, there are five main reasons why dogs bite:

1. Possessiveness can cause dogs to bite. They may be trying to protect property, toys, food or even a human being.

2. They may bite because they are afraid. 

3. Pain can also cause dogs to bite. Even the friendliest dogs can bite if it suffers from a painful injury or disease.

4. Dogs may bite if they are trying to protect its puppies due to its maternal instincts.

5. A dog's predator instincts might cause it to bite.

For more information, go to: https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-behavior/biting/dog-bites-101-why-bites-ha...