Outcry from animal rights groups after pregnant dog found dead -- with blue tongue and bruises

Animal rights groups have exclaimed their displeasure after a pregnant stray dog had apparently died of poisoning.

Stomper Jasmine alerted Stomp to a Facebook post by Mutts Rescue dated July 3.

According to the post, the dog was found with a blue tongue and bruises, but no cuts. 

Mutts Rescue wrote:

"M.R vollie was at the west side of our sunny island today and noticed a dead pregnant stray dog lying on the curb of the traffic point. She belongs to a pack we used to see.

"Her body was already bloated and hard. There were obvious signs of poisoning as she presented a dark blue tongue with various points of bruising on her body. No cuts nor grazes were found.

"We could not see nor hear the remaining dogs anymore. If this was the way how pests control or anyone out there deal with our strays, I beg to stop.

"This stray mum have lives inside her, how could anyone want to do that? Strays only hope for a meal to survive and a peaceful place to live out their life and that's not too much to ask for.

"I plea for the Government in encouraging and assisting all local animal welfare group in performing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program for stray population control.

"Only in this way, we can end all the cruelty in culling. Stop the culling and work with us now! It is extremely emotional draining to see such cases still happening in Singapore.

"I pray and hope to put an end to this cruelty.

"Mercie, I am sorry we were too late to help you. You have gained your angel wings. No more pain and suffering.

"May you be reborn a human being endowed not only with great wisdom but also balanced with great compassion. Rest in peace.

"A special thanks to Miss Nisa H Lee for contributing $136 for Mercie's cremation. God bless you."