Orange glow spotted from parts of S'pore: No reports of a fire

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Stomper Mike and Terry shared photos showing an orange glow in the distance this morning (Sep 4) at around 1.15am.

Although it looked as if something was burning, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has confirmed that there were no reports of a fire at that time.

Said Stomper Mike:

"At around 1.15am on Sep 4, I was walking with my girlfriend along Anchorvale Street Bridge and we spotted a passerby looking into the distance. He even stood on a chair to look.

"My girlfriend noticed him acting strangely and looked into the direction he was staring at.

"She saw something brightly lit among the silhouette of the forest trees and pointed it she out to me. The lights appeared to waver as the wind blew."

Just two weeks ago in August, Stompers reported seeing a similar orange glow from parts of Singapore.

Likewise, there were no reports of a fire, according to the SCDF.

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