NUS student ashamed of GF who works as a bartop dancer to fund his education

An NUS student recently posted a confession on the NUSWhispers Facebook page that has riled up netizens in Singapore.

The student made a post stating that he would be soon graduating from NUS despite coming from a poor family.

However, he said that it bothers him that his girlfriend has been funding his education by working as a bar hostess and bartop dancer.

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The student said in his post:

"I had told her repeatedly that I do not want her money and she should keep it for herself (an excuse for rejecting the filthy money) but she insists on me taking it so well." 

"Till now I am still ashamed of the fact that she is working in that dirty job and I have to depend on her for my success today.

"What can I do? Should I just dump her and find a clean one?

"If I want to be a successful businessman, I must first clean myself of all these filth, so I need advice from you people."

The post drew a flurry of angry responses from Facebook users who slammed the student.

Netizens said the student should understand that his girlfriend's love for him was pure, and that her sacrifice was great.

Others suggested that if he felt so, he should start working and tell her to stop doing such jobs.

Some even said the girlfriend should dump him instead.