NTU student says he's poor and asks student union to reduce food prices in campus

A student from NTU expressed his unhappiness regarding food prices in NTU campus on NTU Confessions page three days ago (19 Nov).

In the confession, the student mentioned that a meal in NTU costs him from about $4 to over $5, which is much more expensive as compared to food prices in NUS.

With the student's tight budget of $3 for a meal, he said that he does not even have "enough (money) for my milo peng" after having mixed rice.

Netizens who agreed with the student also mentioned that when the school outsources their canteens to providers like Koufu, Koufu will rent out the stalls to the stall holders at a high rate which in turn drives up food prices.

However, there were also netizens who asked the student to "Cook your own rice + curry bring to sch la."

One even said "Driving down food prices sure. But if you really poor you still thinking of drinks lol. Drink plain water cannot?"