Sea of commuters stuck outside Tanah Merah MRT station after train fault

Submitted by Stomper Yvonne

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Commuters who were delayed by up to 40 minutes thanks to a train fault at Tanah Merah MRT station yesterday evening (Mar 30) found out that the worst was yet to come -- as they queued for bus services nearby. 

In the photos contributed by Stomper Yvonne, a huge group of people can be seen waiting by the roadside next to Tanah Merah MRT station. Many of them can also be seen standing on the road.

The Stomper, who had been on Bus 12 at around 6.45pm, said:

"Thousands of people were left stranded at Tanah Merah.

"Many of the angry commuters were trying very hard to get on the bus. They even walked towards and far behind the bus stop just to make sure they got to board.

"Some even very knocking on the bus furiously but the bus driver refused to let them up as it was still very far from the bus stop.

"I was stuck there for about 30 minutes."

SMRT said in a tweet yesterday that free regular bus services were available from Tanah Merah to Paya Lebar. The train service resumed an hour later.