Newspaper delivery driver has special 'HDB cone' to park at bus stop?

Submitted by Stomper Noodie

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Stomper Noodie came across a car parked in front of a bus stop with a HDB cone at its rear along Toa Payoh Central this morning (Apr 11) at around 6am.

According to a note left on the vehicle's windscreen, the driver had parked his car there before he or she went to deliver newspapers in the vicinity.

Read the note:

"Newspaper DEL (delivery) will be back soon. Thanks."

The driver also left his or her handphone number.

There was an orange cone with the HDB logo placed at the rear of the car. It was tied to the vehicle with a string.

Said the Stomper with regard to what he saw:

"I think the car was there for about 20 to 30 minutes.

"This has been happening for many years.

"The driver should not be using the HDB cone.

"There were already buses on the road at that time."

According to LTA's One Motoring website, no parking is allowed at all times within nine metres of a bus stop.

There were unbroken yellow lines along Toa Payoh Central, meaning that the driver cannot park his car on the main road even if he or she was nine metres away from the bus stop.