Angela Lee teaches singer Nathan Hartono some moves in the MMA cage

Nathan Hartono, the runner-up of Sing! China wrestle it out with Angela Lee the ONE FC's Women's Atomweight Champion in an MMA cage this morning (Nov 7).

Having offered his fellow Singaporeans Milo, the guy is sure is pump up with energy as he tries out the sport with full gusto.

We have Stomp recording his every move as Angela give him tips on what to do and instructions on how to choke your opponent.

Angela went on to share how she passed out when her sister was trying to do a technique on her.

Angela was encouraging and graceful as per usual but Nathan was not so bad himself.

Just around one week ago on Nov 24, Joseph Schooling was battling it out with Angela.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself who would make the better wrestler or student, the singer or the swimmer: