Motorists narrowly avoid spare tyre that falls from van and bounces all over tunnel near Holland and Commonwealth junctions

Submitted by Stomper Khee

Stomper Khee was driving in an underground tunnel in between the Holland and Commonwealth junctions yesterday (Nov 23) at 4.14pm when she was alerted by a tire that was going to roll away from a van in front of him. 

She noticed sparks coming from the van and warned the mini bus behind him of the tyre by slowing down. 

When the tyre came rolling, it cracked her windscreen and front board.

She mentioned how she could not switch lanes because she was in between two cars. 

She said, "Hope all vans with spare tyres would tighten their tyre holder and do not cause accident to other road users. 

The van can be seen stopping shortly after exiting tunnel and the Stomper has sent her video to them, claiming for payment. 

They are currently checking on how to fix her car.

Watch the video below: