Motorist complains about ECP lanes being hogged by armed motorcade, only to get slammed by netizens

Sometimes, venting your frustrations online can backfire in spectacular fashion.

Take this motorist for example. The driver shared a video of a jam on ECP on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff.

In the clip, vehicles can be seen slowing down to overtake an armed motorcade escorting a container truck on the expressway.

The motorist says that the motorcade caused a jam on ECP by hogging up multiple lanes.

The driver also claimed that traffic police officers were riding the motorcycles that were escorting the container.

However, netizens responded quickly to slam the individual who posted the video.

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They pointed out that Certis CISCO personnel were riding the motorcycles, not TP officers.

Facebook users also highlighted that the motorcade was permitted to occupy those lanes on an expressway. 

This only goes to show, doing a little research can save you a lot of pain.