Motorcyclist found dead on Second Link Expressway around 200 metres before JB checkpoint

Submitted by Stomper Matatag

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A male motorcyclist died on the Second Link Expressway around 200 metres before the Sultan Abu Bakar customs complex in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, at 12pm on May 25.

Stomper Matatag was riding on the expressway after leaving Singapore when he saw the body on the road at around 1pm.

Having qualifications in providing first-aid, the Stomper initially got down his vehicle with the intention of rendering assistance. 

He later discovered that the man had died and that here was nothing he could do.

In a telephone interview, Matatag said that he heard from other bikers in the vicinity that the man had been lying on the road for about one hour after he suddenly fell off his motorcycle. 

According to the Stomper, paramedics arrived at around 1.30pm and took the body away thereafter.

It is unclear what caused the motorcyclist's death.