Mother's Day celebrations ruined: "What type of service is this", yell unhappy Ban Heng restaurant customers

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Stomper Amanda, who celebrated Mother's Day with her family at Ban Heng restaurant at The Cathay, said the service there was so bad that other diners were yelling their displeasure on their way out.

Amanda was at the restaurant on May 14 at 6pm and her family placed their orders, requesting for the soup to be served later.

However, Amanda said a waitress gave them an "intense reaction which was totally unncessary."

Another waitress brought their soup 10 minutes later, and they informed her that they had asked her colleague for the dish to have been brought later.

At this point, Amanda said the first waitress returned to their table and said in Cantonese, "Aiya, other customer always order together with soup, why they want to get it served later?"

"She then left our table with a sarcastic look", said Amanda.

She said that soon after, there was a commotion coming from another table that had a family of five to six people, along with an elderly woman on a wheelchair.

According to Amanda, the family was saying that the used plates were not being cleared and new plates were not being served.

Asking why they had to pay service charge in this case, one of the family members asked to see the manager.

"However, the manager was still walking around the restaurant as if nothing had happened," said Amanda.

"Then, when the manger and staff were beside our table, we heard her saying in Cantonese 'don't want to eat ask them to get lost'.

Amanda added that after this, the manager finally walked over to the table  with an iPad in her hand and asked the family what happened and how it happened.

However, the Stomper stated that the manager did not make eye contact with the customer and only looked at the iPad the entire time, which Amanda said was very rude.

"After two to three minutes of talking, the manager walked away with a 'get lost' hand gesture and told them 'bye bye'.

Amanda added that the family stood up after a few minutes and made their way out of the restaurant.

"While walking out, two of the family members raised their voices in the restaurant, stating 'This is not how you treat customers in F&B", 'We will definitely post this on

"Upon that, the manager was actually smiling and shaking her head which I find super insulting.

"I really pitied the old granny as everything was being spoiled by this dumb manager on Mother's Day.

"Ban Heng really has a serious attitude problem and really lousy service.

"Yes, sometimes customers may be demanding, but as a manager, she should solve the problem.

"Not create more problems by complicating the matter further by chasing customers out from their restaurant.

"Moreover, there is a old granny happily waiting to celebrate Mother's Day with her beloved family.

"A good example must be set to all the staffs in the restaurant.

"I will never patronise Ban Heng ever again given with the attitude she had set.