Millionaire playboy mistakenly tags Instagram photo's location as 'Singapore', hilarity ensues

Last we checked, the only snow we see in Singapore is at Snow City.

So how did millionaire playboy and professional poker player Dan Bilzerian manage to post a photo with a snowy landscape, with the location tagged as 'Singapore, Singapore'?

Syafiq Firdaus took note of this and posted a screenshot of his post on Twitter.

"Singapore sure looks amazing", he quipped jokingly.

Dan Bilzerian is not the only one to have made such a mistake in his social media postings.

Another Twitter user replied to Syafiq's post with other photographers and viners' who have also posted pictures tagged as in 'Singapore, Singapore', although they do not seem to have anything to do with our sunny island.

If only Singapore did have all this scenery on top of its already amazing skyline.