Merc driver rams into elderly pedestrians at YCK, gets dragged out and beaten up by senior citizens

While making a left turn, a 47-year-old Mercedes driver rammed into some elderly pedestrians prompting other senior citizens to drag him out of his vehicle and beat him up.

The incident happened last Saturday (Feb 25) outside the Grassroots Club just beside Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, where the driver got into a dispute with a group of 10 elderly members after hitting four of them while he was making a turn, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

A 67-year-old security guard who witnessed the incident told reporters that some senior citizens were standing by the road while waiting for a private bus to pick them up.

Said the guard:

“A Mercedes car suddenly made a swift turn, hitting several of the elderly.

“Many of them shouted at the driver, ‘You’ve hit us!’

“However, the driver did not stop or get out of his car after the accident, he continued driving, only stopping before the gates to the carpark.

“Then a group of elderly rushed forward and dragged him out of the vehicle, raining punches on his face and body.

“The atmosphere was quite tense.”

The guard said he tried to stop the fight, separating the driver from the angry crowd, and warning them that the police would arrive soon:

“Amidst the chaos, even I got shoved and fell.”

The situation lasted one to two minutes and after the parties calmed down, the guard opened the gates to the carpark, and the driver drove his vehicle in.

The driver left via the front gate after parking his car, while elderly folks boarded a private bus and departed after the altercation. 

Before leaving, one of them left a name card for the guard to hand over to the police should the need arise. 

The police confirmed that they received a report, but could not find the parties involved upon reaching the scene.

The case is currently under investigation. 

A victim told reporters that although he and the others had moved out of the way, the driver drove recklessly without regards for safety and crashed into them, resulting in them falling over and injuring themselves:

"We are all senior citizens here, and a fall like that could spell the end for us!"

He also claimed that the driver had shouted at them and deliberately drove his car close to them, hence resulting in the accident

The accused on the other hand, allegedly suffered bruises on his face and lacerations on his lips from the beatings.

He is reportedly a frequent visitor to the club, and told reporters that he has taken a 3-day medical leave after the incident, leaving the matter entirely in the hands of his legal advisor. 

Watch a video of the incident below.