Meet the boss who works long hours and has practically no off-days, but he's loving it

By Basil Edward Teo
The Straits Times
Dec 13, 2016

Despite being his own boss, Mr Liao Jun Jie is still unable to take days off from work whenever he pleases.

“The farm decides my days off,” said the 28-year-old farmer.

“Anything could happen on a farm in a matter of minutes. If it pours, it may not be your day off, as there could be flooding somewhere and you need to take care of it.”

Eight years ago, he left his job as an events coordinator to help his parents run the farm, which started in 1999.

Although the hours are long, the business development manager at Quanfa Organic Farm in Kranji does not regret his decision.

“On a farm, we go at our own pace. There’s more ‘healing’. If I have problems I can’t solve, walking around the farm helps clear my mind,” he said.

In the second episode of Living City, Straits Times Video visits a farm in the Singapore countryside.

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