Marsiling resident's cat dies in a pool of blood in front of doorsteps -- in suspected case of poisoning

Facebook user Muhd Nur Hakim woke up to the sight of his beloved pet cat lying still in a pool of blood on the doorsteps to his HDB apartment, and foam coming out of its mouth at about 5am last Friday (Dec 09). 

His mum had alerted him upon discovering the cat in front of their apartment. 

He subsequently uploaded a Facebook post warning netizens about a cat killer in Marsiling.  

In the photos uploaded, the cat could be seen lying still in a pool of blood, and the blood had even splattered onto the doorsteps, shoes and the shoe rack outside the apartment. 

According to Hakim, the incident allegedly happened at Block 217 Marsiling, and the killer could have struck between 3am to 5am. 

Said the infuriated pet owner:

“My neighbour informed me that when he got back from work at around 3am, there wasn’t a pool of blood in front of my doorsteps.

“Next thing I know, my mum woke me up at about 5am, telling me my cat is hurt and there is a pool of blood in front of my house.

“Let’s help one another so that this cat killer can be caught and punished for animal cruelty.”

He has also filed a report to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), claiming that foam was coming out of its mouth when he discovered it and that it had been poisoned.