Man pays $3 at vending machine in Bishan -- only to get some 'air-range' juice

A man paid three dollars for fresh orange juice at a new vending machine in Bishan bus interchange on Saturday (July 23), but did not quite get what he expected. 

Stomper Skalla was shocked when he got his purchase from the vending machine at 5.50pm -- just air.

He shared photos of the cup, which was sealed with nothing inside.

He recounted:

"Delicious fresh orange fruits stuffed inside the machine tempted me to put my SGD 3.

"Machine made some squeezing sounds and a fully sealed cup was ready to pick up.

"Only that the cup was filled with just air. Is it a joke?

"There're no complaint options. Their website has no feedback. Calls doesn't go through. We wonder how many guys before us have purchased air for SGD 3."