Man pays $100 deposit for $400 car-wrapping service online -- only for dealer to go MIA

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Stomper Boo has been left frustrated after paying a deposit of $100 for a car-wrapping service on online marketplace Carousell, only to hear nothing from the dealer afterwards.

He said that it has been three days but there is still no word from the dealer. Hence, he plans to make a police report.

Screenshots that Benny shared show his transfer of the money as well as the dealer not responding to his texts.

Benny added that other users who have had the same experience have also left complaints on the Carouseller's page.

Benny told Stomp:

"He posted about a $400 car wrapping service, where there are only 10 limited slots per month. He said that there is one last slot left and that you have to pay $100 to secure it.

"So I booked an appointment and paid the $100 deposit as he instructed, but then after that he MIA all the way."

If you believe you have been the victim of a possible scam on Carousell, here's some information we found on their website:

If you suspect that there has been a scam or fraudulent behaviour on Carousell, or if you are a victim of a scam, please report this to the Carousell support team as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

How to make a report:

Send an email to with "Trust & Safety" in the subject line.
Include the following information in your report:
Your Carousell username:
Seller's Carousell username:
Title(s) of listing(s) involved:
Details of the incident:

All trust and safety related incident reports should be emailed to to ensure that our support team can deal with your case as fast as possible.

All incident reports should be submitted within 60 days of your knowledge of the suspected scam or fraud.