Female pedestrian lies on road after accident with car at Jurong West Street 64 junction

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Stomper Ivy saw a woman lying injured on the road after an accident at Jurong West Street 64 this afternoon (Sep 4) at around 1.30pm.

A photo contributed by Ivy via WhatsApp shows the victim being attended to by paramedics.

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Ivy said:

"Not sure how the accident happened as the woman was already lying on the road when I passed by the scene."

A spokesperson for the Police told Stomp in response to media queries:

"Police received a call on 4 September 2016 at about 1.30pm, informing us of an accident at the junction of Jurong West Avenue 4 and Jurong West Street 75.

"Upon arrival, it was established that an accident involving a car and a pedestrian had occurred.

"A 27-year-old female was conveyed unconscious to NUH.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

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