17-year-old dies from injuries after falling from 4th storey of Orchard Gateway while stepping on ledge to retrieve phone

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous, Michelle

Update at 8.30pm: A 17-year-old died from the injuries he sustained after falling from the fourth storey of the linkway between Orchard Gateway and Orchard Central.

The Straits Times reports that the mall management said that he had vaulted the railing of the link bridge.

It was also reported that the teen was taking a photo along the bridge.

The phone fell onto a parapet and he was believed to be trying to retrieve it when he lost his balance and fell.

Original article: Stompers Anonymous and Michelle saw a man get injured after falling from the fourth storey of Orchard Gateway today (Feb 24) afternoon.

Stomper Anonymous explained that the man had dropped a phone onto the ledge on the fourth storey.

He climbed over the railing to access the ledge in an attempt to retrieve the phone.

"But the ledge could not hold his weight," said Anonymous.

"He fell down in front of the ramen place. There was a girl who was with him when this happened.

"I hope he survives and recover."

The SCDF said that it was alerted to a suspected case of fall from height at 277 Orchard Road.

It dispatched one ambulance and a fire engine to the location.

A male Chinese was found unconscious, and paramedics administered CPR.

They continued to do so while conveying the man to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.