Netizen gives a lift to teary-eyed aunty who left her purse at RWS despite doubting her story at first

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A Stomper alerted Stomp to a heartwarming post made by a Facebook user about how he helped a distressed woman in Harbourfront.

In the Facebook post, the netizen, Edwin Lim, first explained that he saw a woman frantically running towards him as he was driving out of Seah Im Food Centre's carpark.

The woman explained to him that she had left her wallet at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and was requesting for a ride to the entertainment venue in Sentosa.

The Stomper was skeptical at first as he thought she might just have wanted a free ride.

However, the woman's red and teary eyes convinced him that her story was genuine, and he offered her a ride.

After striking a conversation with his passenger, Edwin found out that the woman was a housekeeper at RWS.

Upon reaching her destination, the woman thanked the netizen at least 10 times. She sped off thereafter, making Edwin even more sure that everything the woman said was true.

He said at the end of his post:

"In our current society, we hear of people trying to take advantage of others and becoming wary.

"Sometimes we should take a step back and do it with a good heart.

"Only then, we can create an environment filled with compassion and empathy, a better place for everyone to stay in.

"Hope the aunty recovered her belongings."