Man allegedly tasered after walking around with knife in Woodlands

A man was allegedly tasered by Police officers outside Woodlands MRT Station on Apr 10 at around 2am after he walked around Woodlands with a knife.

Videos of the man's confrontation with policemen were posted on social media by Twitter user @Purgat0ry__.

In one of the videos, the man can seen in a face-off with two police officers. He was talking and gesturing at the policemen, but it was unclear what he was saying. In the man's right hand was a small knife.

Another video show him being subdued by police. Two policemen with riot shields were standing around the officers apprehending the man.

A comment left by the netizen on the video read 'kena taser!', suggesting that the armed man was tasered before he was subdued.

Twitter user @Purgat0ry__ also said that the man was high drugs and that illegal substances were found in his pocket by police officers.

Said the netizen in response to a comment on the videos:

"Dude is high on drugs which led him to walk around Woodlands finding people to cut."

When asked by another Twitter user if the man really was on drugs, he said:

"Yep, they (policemen) even found it (drugs) in his pocket."