Man drops his McSpicy meal while cycling home along Yishun -- and netizens grieve with him

Twitter user Alson was cycling home along Yishun on Jan 31, eager to savour his takeaway McSpicy meal, when disaster struck.

In a tweet, Alson detailed how the takeaway plastic bag had somehow gotten caught up in his bike tyre, resulting in his meal meeting its premature end on the road.

In the series of photographs he uploaded on Twitter, some fries can be seen scattered across the middle of the road. More horrifically, his drink and the main bulk of his fries are seen lying by the kerb, and the McSpicy box is severely dented.

“It looks like a crime scene,” Alson bemoaned.

Fellow netizens mourned his loss with him, and told him to stay strong.

According to Alson, he had been looking forward to enjoying his McSpicy meal while watching a show once he reached home.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

In Alson’s own words, “Shit happens.”