Man choked by 90kg BMW driver: New video shows him arguing with more people in messier fight

Submitted by Stomper SS

Another video of the parking dispute that escalated into an attack at Commonwealth Car Mall last Friday (Jul 17) shows the assault from a close-up angle.

The first video contributed by Stomper S shows a BMW driver strangling and choking another man, after the driver was asked to move his vehicle.

Both men had gotten into an argument because the BMW was causing an obstruction from the way it was parked.

Stomper SS contributed the second video to Stomp and said that he obtained the footage from 'another car dealer'.

SS wrote in his email, "CCTV footage from another angle, showing the 90kg BMW driver strangling the poor car salesman."

This new video shows four others trying to break up the fight and separating both men.

However, the BMW driver continued behaving in an aggressive manner and lashed out at the rest as well.

The man who was choked can be seen pulling another man in white away from the conflict, while the BMW driver got into another argument with a third person.

The dispute only ended when everyone else walked away from the BMW driver.