Man bashed up at Jurong Spring CC McDonald's -- after allegedly going on racist rant

A man allegedly went on a racist rant at McDonald's in Jurong Spring Community Club, and paid a heavy price for it.

It is unclear when the incident happened exactly, but a video was uploaded on Facebook yesterday (Aug 19). Stomper Ivan shared the video with Stomp after coming across it.

User Fiq Viera who uploaded the clip said that it had been filmed by a rider at the McDonald's outlet.

In the video, the man can be heard lashing out and making insulting remarks towards an unidentified person.

That is when another guy comes up to him and throws him a punch in the face, telling him to "Shut the f*** up".

Both men then exchange blows and a female customer's attempts to break up the fight proved to be futile.

The man who had been ranting is then seen trying to walk away while blocking the other party's blows, only to have more punches rained on him.